20 Favorite Single Recordings. There are innumerable others that I love, but these are songs that get my body moving or stir my soul instantly. The first five are my Top 5. That's it. The next 15 are my mental jukebox. My Top 20 could be all Prince or all Beatles, but you gotta have variety.

Prince & The Revolution - "Kiss"

Bee Gees - "Night Fever"

The Beatles - "She Loves You"

Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"

Rolling Stones - "Miss You"

ABC - "(How To Be A) Millionaire" 

Chic - "Le Freak"

Prince - "Housequake"

Paul McCartney & Wings - "Jet"

David Bowie - "Let's Dance"

Duran Duran - "Is There Something I Should Know?"

The Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby"

Glen Campbell - "Southern Nights"

James Brown - "Mother Popcorn"

The Clash - "This Is Radio Clash"

Kid Creole & The Coconuts - "Endicott"

Beastie Boys - "Sure Shot" 

Queen - "Another One Bites The Dust"

Marvin Gaye - "Inner City Blues"

Culture Club - "Time (Clock of the Heart)"