For All Mankind - Apple+ - episode 304: Happy Valley. Song: "Miss Effervescent"

The Republic of Sarah - CW - episode 104. Song: "Everything My Heart Desires"

The Republic of Sarah - CW - episode 102: Power. Song: "Sun Rose"

Roswell New Mexico - episode: Smells Like Teen Spirit. Song: "Sinking Stone"

Riverdale - CW - episode 208: House of the Devil. Song: "Your Majestic Rejection"

nobodies. - TVLAND - episode 106: Too Much of a Good Thing. Song: "Everything My Heart Desires"

Speechless - ABC - episode 119: C-H--Cheater!

Marry Me - NBC

Stephen King's A Good Marriage (2014) - Feature film. Song: "A Talent For Loving"

1 Dead Party (2013) - Feature film. Multiple songs in song score.

Up All Night  - NBC - episode 115: Day After Valentine's Day. Song: "Done Lost My Mind" 

Parks & Recreation - NBC - episode 309: Fancy Party. Song: "U Had The $"

Happy Endings - ABC - episode 207: Fowl Play/Date. Songs: "She's My Go To;" "So Sophisticated"

Happy Endings - ABC - episode 206: Bros Before Bros. Song: "Supermodels With Gatling Guns" 

Eli Stone - ABC - episode 202: The Path. Song: "Everyone's Ingenue"

Gossip Girl Dove Soap promo. Song: "A Talent For Loving"

Las Vegas - NBC. Song: "Sinking Stone"

The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show - BBC6. Song: "Everything My Heart Desires"

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